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Highlights Copenhagen Fashion Summit

dinsdag 4 juni 2019

Een keer per jaar tovert de Copenhagen Fashion Summit de hoofdstad van Denemarken om tot het mekka van duurzame mode. Dit jaar was dat niet anders, en meer nog: de conferentie mocht tien kaarsjes uitblazen met deze editie! Team ‘Close The Loop’ trok dan ook naar Kopenhagen om de belangrijkste highlights voor jullie samen te vatten.

“The trust in the fashion sector is low. And we can't change it unless we’ll be transparant. Because transparency builds trust.”

Brune Poirson, French politician G7

“The linear system is only on growth and consumption. It’s is common suicide if we don't change in the next 10 years. Let's make an emergency plan.”

Sandrine Dixson- Declève, Club of Rome

“73% of clothes end up in landfill. We need to shift to quality over quantity and we need to help the consumer to choose right.”

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, Crown Princess of Denmark

“We made 16 million sneakers from ocean plastic. But I want plastic to be gone. It's toxic.”

Cyrill Gutsch, Parley for the ocean

“Fashion is not a rational choice, it's an emotional choice. We need to offer good products to the consumer.”

Eva Kruse, CEO Fashion Agenda

“Research done on for example tanning processes without heavy metals needs to be open source, this is not a matter of competitiveness.”

François- Henri Pinault, Kering

“Google can collect data on environmental aspects for companies, for example on deforestation. Brands can make the right choices based on these data.”

Ian Pattison, Google Cloud UK

“Think of the product you last purchased. Did you ask who made it?”

Julia Ormond, Actrice & founder Asset

“I believe that in the future, only sustainable companies will survive.”

Kristian Jansen, Danish minister for finance

“We don’t need more technology, we need willpower. We need to ask ourselves: do we really care?”

Paul Polman, International Chamber of Commerce

“A jeans made from bio based lyocell is 40 cents more expensive. That’s too much for the consumer and brands.”

Robert Van De Kerkhof, Lenzing

“What if we set aside the term sustainability and use ‘responsibility’? That’s a word we all understand and know how to implement.”

Vanessa Friedman, The New York Times

Leest u hier graag meer over, dat kan in het online magazine van Flanders DC.