NATURANE brings the technology of 'biogas fermentation' to campsites

Traditionally, a lot of waste is generated on campsites. People are on vacation and often leave their good (waste) habits at home. A large part of this waste consists of organic waste. With the NATURANE project, Hellen and Alyssa offer a solution. They started with the technology of 'biogas fermentation' and applied it on a small scale. In the digester the organic waste is anaerobically fermented and 2 flows arise: biogas and slurry. The biogas is used for cooking at the campsite. The slurry is used as a compost.

The digesters are transported by the flatpack company to the campsites. The digester is assembled on site together with the campsite manager. This way they get to know the digester and the technology. The company provides maintenance. The digesters are not sold but rented out to the camping owners. In this way, the company remains the owner and the old digesters can be repaired and deployed in disaster areas where a lot of organic waste is generated and a fast energy source is needed.

Hellen De Coninck en Alyssa Lanssiers

Jaar 2018

Opleiding UGent Industrieel Ontwerpen

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