NOMM is a reusable packaging developed for Takeaway.

Takeaway is more popular than ever. And that entails a lot of extra packaging waste (and pizza boxes lying around). To counter this environmentally damaging trend, Glenn Verhaege developed a reusable packaging system that keeps meals warmer, prevents leaks and is also easy to handle. Handy in times of Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

NOMM is a product-service system that responds to the current and future problems of the food delivery sector. During this master thesis, Glenn searched for a new packaging that better preserves the quality of the food, radiates more experience and at the same time is more environmentally friendly compared to the current alternatives.

With NOMM a completely new reusable packaging system has been created. The packaging will create added value for every stakeholder in the food delivery process. For example, an attempt has been made to keep the meals warmer during transport, to prevent sauces and soups from leaking, to offer more branding options for the restaurants, to increase the entire experience while consuming the meal, etc.

Glenn Verhaeghe

Jaar 2018

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