'Sorteersteun' has developed clear pictograms to optimize sorting.

How can consumers act in a more sustainable way? Many Flemish people do not understand the sorting rules well and therefore also make mistakes. To simplify sorting, this team designed sorting and recycling icons for companies. The pictograms immediately make clear how each part of a package can be recycled.

One in three Flemish people indicated that sorting waste was too complicated. Clear sorting icons on current (and future) packaging would make this sorting easier and lead to better and more sorting. However, such pictograms do not exist to date and the business world, although requesting party, currently does not devote resources to their development.

As part of their mission, this team developed free and non-binding sorting and recycling icons for companies that make clear to consumers how each part of the packaging should be recycled. Moreover, they are convinced that 'Sorteersteun' will serve as a self-reflection for companies in order to make their packaging more sustainable.


Pieter Beerten, Irene Haentjens, Esther Reynders, Vossa Varkevisser, Maarten Walcarius en Tine Wouters

Jaar 2018

Opleiding UGent

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