Zwamwerk is an educational kit that shows what biology and ecology have to offer

While sustainable thinking may be firmly anchored in the design process of many designers, Jan Modaal still does not learn enough about what ecology can really mean in daily life. That is why Ine Desmet developed Zwamwerk, an educational kit that clearly explains what biology and ecology can offer on the basis of biodegradable biological material. Pupils and teachers can experiment with new biomaterials thanks to the box. Such as mycelium, fungal material made from mushrooms and hemp fibers.

The use of mycelium or fungal material is on the rise in the circular economy! In an educational environment, however, there are many barriers before getting started with this promising new biomaterial. There is no standard package available that provides the necessary materials, the chances of success are often disappointing due to the difficult sterile working method, etc.

With its educational kit "Zwamwerk" Ine wants to make young people and their teachers enthusiastic about experimenting with biomaterials. Zwamwerk provides the necessary materials and provides a new, more accessible working method.

According to Ine, Zwamwerk is not just a box, it is a complete experience. The box itself not only forms the (recyclable) packaging, but is also the manual and forms the mold used during the manufacturing process. The filling of the box is also the substrate for growing the materials and the micro filter bags consist of polypropylene that can be recycled and that can be reused or returned. Moreover, the kit is modular in the quantities provided and allows creative experimentation.

Ine Desmet

Jaar 2018

Opleiding Howest Industrieel Productontwerpen

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