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Can you design a circle?


Ecodesign Award for students

Every year we challenge students to design a product or service according to the principles of ecodesign or with a positive social impact. This year we challenge students to work on the circular economy with the slogan 'Can you design a circle?'. Young designers play an important role in the future of ecodesign. By inspiring and challenging them during their studies, we hope that they will also pay attention to ecodesign and the circular economy in their later professional careers.

What is there to win? A cash prize of 1000 euros and individual guidance by Flanders DC, the contact point for the creative sector and Circular Flanders, the hub and the inspiration for the Flemish circular economy..

A jury of experts and professionals presents prizes in the 'Problem solving' and 'Everyday life' categories. In addition, there is also an audience award.

Winners Ecodesign Award for students 2020


Coffee Pulper

Thijs Baeyens

Industrieel Productontwerpen, Howest

The coffee pulper was originally designed for local farmers in the northern mountain region of Kalinga in the Philippines. They process their coffee Arabica the wrong way due to ignorance, lack of money and other factors. With the coffee pulper, they can process the coffee in larger quantities and the whole process is shorter and less labor intensive.

By supplying more and better coffee to the traders they increase their yield. So with the coffee pulper, they can expect a higher income from the annual coffee harvest.


Honorable mention PROBLEM SOLVING


Lien Devesse

Industrieel Ontwerpen, UGent

C-step is a circular shoe that you can disassemble. The shoe consists of five separate parts: upper, midsole, outsole with additional functions (toe guard, heel reinforcement and side piece for the laces), insole and shoelaces.

The connections between the different parts of the shoe can be assembled or disassembled manually, which lowers the ecological impact of the shoe. On the one hand, the life of the shoe is extended by replacing the worn parts. On the other hand, it is easy to separate, sort and recycle the individual parts, which makes the life cycle circular.

Honorable mention PROBLEM SOLVING

Tilup Pallet Wikkeldoek

Tristan Ryckaert, Stef Crols, Bram Roemans en Florens Denys

Industrieel Productontwerpen, Howest

Tilup is a reusable wrapping cloth that aims to reduce the consumption of plastic wrapping film.
This wrapping film serves to secure a load to a pallet.

Tilup consists of a tarp with a foot. The foot is placed on the pallet and the tarpaulin is wrapped around the load on the pallet. The tarp is temporarily suspended with velcro strips and is tightened with snap buckles to secure the load. The foot ensures that only one person has to apply the tarpaulin and is also ergonomic.

1 st prize EVERYDAY LIFE


Ornella Torres Melkebeek

Productontwikkeling, UAntwerpen

Tierra is a product kit to create your own, microbial soil conditioner. The result is a fresh, organic agent that is more economical than ready-made, artificial versions. Tierra increases the amount of microorganisms in the soil and thus soil health. 

It is particularly intended for people with a (vegetable) garden on contaminated soil, people who want to build a (vegetable) garden and people who want to remove pesticide residues from their soil faster in a natural way. Tierra also contributes to the awareness of the importance of soil life and healthy soils.

Honorable mention EVERYDAY LIFE


Esther Noëth

Productontwikkeling, UAntwerpen

Boomerang is a reusable packaging for dry food such as pasta, rice and cereals, complemented by a consumer application and an underlying working process.

Boomerang aims to create a partnership between retailer and consumer to close the materials loop. The retailer provides the reusable packaging, cleaning and refilling, while the consumer is responsible for the use and return.

Accompanying the system is an app to encourage the consumer. The app provides an overview of the deposit and notifications when the user should return the packaging. Furthermore, the app stimulates the consumer through rewards, goals and feedback on the number of disposable containers saved. In this way, Boomerang hopes to create consumption habits and system loyalty.


Eervolle vermelding EVERYDAY LIFE

Concentrates for the people

Nick Davids

Productontwikkeling, UAntwerpen

'Concentrates for the people' is a dispenser for highly concentrated, frothable detergents. By foaming the detergent and thus increasing the volume, consumers can maintain their washing habits. This allows consumers to intuitively do their laundry without the risk of under- or overdosing. The product is a refill concept, so there is less packaging.

The dispenser works like a shaker. The consumer must shake the product for ten seconds, after which the foam is formed. Foaming is facilitated by open structures that better mix the air with the liquid. In addition, the dispenser contains a pre-dosing and overdosing prevention mechanism in the form of a cone structure. This ensures that the consumer has the right dose at any time and avoids waste.

Little Beet

Brent Vercaemer

Productontwikkeling, UAntwerpen

Little Beet is a washing tablet based on saponin (a vegetable soap substance) and household ingredients such as soda crystals and citric acid. The raw material consists of the organic remains of the leaves of sugar beets. This is a by-product of a large-scale local industry. So these organic surpluses are upcycled by this product into a detergent, so to speak. 

The packaging made of recyclable cardboard contains 24 washing tablets. Each tablet is divisible into three pieces. This allows the user to dose the detergent for small, medium and full washing machines.





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Bert Vuylsteke (2019)
UGent Industrieel Ontwerpen


Lore De Backer (2019)
Howest Industrieel Productontwerpen


Laure Herweyers (2018)
UAntwerpen Productontwikkeling

Fibio stops microplastics during washing


Glenn Verhaeghe (2018)
UAntwerpen Productontwikkeling

NOMM is a reusable packaging developed for Takeaway.


Michiel Van Praet (2018)
UAntwerpen Productontwikkeling

Cluster ensures optimum sorting on the Volvo Car Ghent assembly line


Frederik Carette (2018)
UAntwerpen Productontwikkeling

TramSit uses the existing tram infrastructure for the delivery of packages.


Ine Desmet (2018)
Howest Industrieel Productontwerpen

Zwamwerk is an educational kit that shows what biology and ecology have to offer


Eveline Verschueren (2018)
UAntwerpen Productontwikkeling

mOcean is a beverage vending machine that reduces the use of bottles and cans.


Pieter Beerten, Irene Haentjens, Esther Reynders, Vossa Varkevisser, Maarten Walcarius en Tine Wouters (2018)

'Sorteersteun' has developed clear pictograms to optimize sorting.


Hellen De Coninck en Alyssa Lanssiers (2018)
UGent Industrieel Ontwerpen

NATURANE brings the technology of 'biogas fermentation' to campsites


David Verbist (2018)
Thoma More Voortgezette Opleiding MeubelOntwerp


Nicholas Van Beylen (2017)
UAntwerpen Productontwikkeling