Bundles’ pay per wash approach

If you want to wash your clothes, you need to buy a washing machine, it’s that simple. Or isn’t it? Dutch company Bundles worked out a different approach, by offering a service instead of a product.                          

Bundles believes that we wash cheaper and more sustainable if we use a washing appliance without actually owning it. Which is why Bundles offers their clients a pay-per-use wash subscription. First, Bundles provides their customers with a high end Miele washing machine. The machine is installed free of charge and if repairs should be necessary during use, Bundles pays the costs. Bundles remains the owner of the machine, but the consumer has the right to buy it at any given moment. The price will be determined on the age of the machine and on the number of operating hours.

Using data monitoring for optimal efficiency

 The installer will connect the machine to the internet, so Bundles can monitor the use and power consumption. This allows them to charge
you correctly - it’s a pay per use service, after all – and to provide you with relevant and personalised advice that helps you to wash more
efficiently, with less energy and less detergents. Bundles uses the data to decrease the cost of your clean laundry. Not by selling your data to
other parties, but by learning from your data in order to achieve optimal efficiency.


Bundles currently chose for Miele, as their appliances are more economical and sustainable per wash. Miele washing machines produce up to three times as much clean laundry as an average washing machine. Moreover, the components are best suitable for re-use in new appliances. The Miele machines are economical to use, because of their automatic detergent dosing system and their load sensor.

Wash app

Based on the input that the machine delivers over the Internet, Bundles uses its ‘Wash App’ to send personalised feedback to the user, helping him or her to use less detergent and save energy. Currently, the Wash App is a webpage you can access via your browser. However, Bundles confirms that it’s working on a real app, for both iOS and Android.

Bundles’ missie

Bundles states that we should all produce less waste in order to keep our planet liveable. Manufacturers want us to buy more and more
products, while the life cycle of their products themselves shortens. This is not sustainable. However, if we pay for a clean wash and not
for a machine, we change our mindset, which results in less waste, lower costs, more comfort and a more pleasant relationship between
consumer and manufacturer.