Colruyt Group Vertical Farm

Fresh, sustainable basil and coriander from the vertical farm

Bio-Planet stands for making a conscious choice for sustainable and healthy food. The coriander and basil in these shops therefore come from the vertical farm in Halle, which Colruyt Group (together with Ugent, KU Leuven and other technical partners) developed to produce more sustainably than a greenhouse or other forms of agriculture.

The herbs from this vertical farm are sustainable thanks to an energy-efficient concept of lighting and climate regulation, optimal growing conditions, efficient water use and working in multiple layers. The team behind the farm now has the ambition to further optimise the design of the vertical farm.

In fact, within Colruyt Group they are currently working on a way to embed ecodesign more broadly in all new developments by the R&D department. Thanks to this new approach, the vertical farm is high on the agenda and various projects are underway to improve its design. But other projects are also set up on the basis of this approach, such as an installation in the shops to convert rainwater into potable water, for example.