The pedelec reinvented

We all know by now that e-bikes are a sustainable alternative to the car. But a major problem is the lack of safety for users of e-bikes, and especially speed pedelecs. That is why Ellio has designed an extra safe e-bike, to make electric cycling even more attractive. 

Ellio is a very solid e-bike that puts your safety first. At speeds of 45km/h that is what you want, and Ellio has made radical choices to offer you that safety. What immediately stands out are the small wheels. This has been a very conscious design choice to lower the centre of gravity. In this way, Ellio gives you unprecedented stability on the track. The wide tyres, the AWD system with electric brake and the powerful disc brakes with 4 brake pistons also contribute to optimal safety during your daily commute. 

By focusing on safety, Ellio wants to convince more people to make the switch to electric commuting.