LED continuous-row lighting system

ETAP asked MAXIMALdesign to design an LED continuous-row lighting system for use in large areas. The new design was to combine the very latest LEDtechnology with a unique lens technology to provide enhanced luminosity and more balanced light distribution. ETAP also had strict requirements in terms of production methods, siting, a modular structure, flexible lighting technology, cost price, sustainable design and responsible use of materials, that go along with ETAP’s signature.

The LED continuous-row lighting system is compact and thus does not require large amounts of materials. The range has been specifically designed to provide efficient lighting in large, high-ceilinged areas such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, workstations, shop shelving and sportshalls. It combines a high lumen-output with superior performance and low energy-consumption. LED continuous-row lighting utilises innovative DUAL•LENS TM-technology. The single surface structure of this linear lens creates a double effect: substantial light breadth and depth, as well as asymmetrical and double-asymmetrical beams to provide suitable lighting for vertical areas such as workstations and shelving. The medium-power LEDs combine high efficiency with low energy-consumption and a long lifespan. Their ceramic-fibre filling ensures that they remain very stable even at high temperatures: for example, after 50,000 hours their lighting power will still be up to 98%. Immediately following its market launch, the system was installed at a number of sites, not least because the new technology offers considerable savings on electricity costs, and superior luminosity and visual comfort compared with conventional TL lighting.

ETAP Lighting

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