The shower that reuses water after filtering

After the water-saving shower head, it's now time for the Refresh Cycles...

By the year 2050, 11 billion people are expected to inhabit our planet. That same planet is already struggling to provide enough water and energy, and will undergo dramatic climate change in the coming years. The Hamwells e-Shower will not stop this evolution, but can play a part in limiting the use of water, energy and our carbon footprint.

Guilt-free pleasure

A normal shower uses up 100 litres of warm drinking water. All that water flows over your body and directly down the drain. We cannot sustain such collective behaviour. The solution? A Hamwells e-Shower! The Refresh Cycles allow you to enjoy a generous shower for a minimum cost, as they lower your total water and energy bill by an amazing 30%. Meanwhile, the benefit to the environment is just as amazing. After all, all our drinking water must be captured, filtered, and sometimes even desalinated, transported and heated before we can take a shower. If all homes and companies were to replace their showers with a Hamwells e-Shower, then billions of litres of drinking water would be spared.

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7 Refresh Cycles

The Hamwells e-Shower offers Refresh Cycles™, in which each drop of water is filtered, purified and recycled 7 times. You can enjoy a spectacular shower, while also saving 80% on your energy and 90% on your water bill. After each session, the e-Shower gives itself a complete clean and empties entirely. The filter is anti-bacterial and legionella is prevented thanks to a UV lamp. Each subsequent user enjoys a crystal clear experience.

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The principle of the Refresh Cycles is quite simple. Take a bowl containing 3 litres of water. Add 1.5 litres of warm water per minute to keep it nice and warm. The water runs over the edge and refreshes itself. In this way, you come into contact with each drop of water a total of 7 times.


Control and an insight into your water consumption

Using a computer, the e-Shower is fitted with a variety of sensors. This means that it can be programmed by families and companies to suit their own particular requirements: shower times, a limescale prevention program adapted to the specific water hardness and the frequency of self-cleaning.

The user also receives a Hamwells home report: a monthly email indicating the shower's water and energy consumption. This reports your reduction in water and energy consumption, and therefore cost saving. Your consumption is compared to other e-Shower users and tips are provided on how to save even more. Naturally, there's no need to wait for the home report. You can also check the latest updates from your e-Shower using your Hamwells app or on the web.



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