Newlife Paints: Paint it back

Surplus or waste paint cannot be recycled, as it is not possible to reprocess it into a predetermined colour. Or is it?

Well, it is. In fact, the Newlife Paints REBORN collection contains 28 different colour tones of high quality, low carbon matt emulsion eco paint. Each of the REBORN paints is reprocessed and blended from previously unused paints, hence the ‘REBORN’ brand name.

Recycling & reprocessing

Newlife Paints – based in West Sussex, UK - collects waste paint from domestic recycling centres and reprocesses it into new eco paint. This way, the amount of unwanted paint that would otherwise end up in a landfill or in the sewer system, is reduced. Every single pot contains between 50 to 95% of recycled content. Using the unique Newlife Paints blending process, the quality of these paints is equal compared to that of non-recycled paints.

The REBORN paints – with colourful names like Bluejohn, Dusty Amethyst, Olive Oxide and so on - can be used to cover interior walls and ceilings, including dry plaster, as well as woodchip, vinyl wallpapers and old paint finishes.

28 new colours

Back in 2008, Keith Harrison developed a manufacturing process to turn waste paint into a premium quality home decorating product. Today, his small, family-owned company reprocesses water-based waste paint back to a superior grade emulsion paint. Often, people have cans with surplus paint in their garages, which at some point are often handed in at recycling sites. Newlife Paints collects the surplus waterbased paints from domestic recycling sites around the UK. Once collected, the old pots are sent for recycling, while the paint is sorted, treated, and reprocessed with natural clays into 28 new colours of premium emulsion. 

The REBORN collection won a number of awards – such as the British Coatings Federation Sustainable Innovation Award and finalist of the Let’s Recycle, Recycled Product of the Year - for its sound environmental credentials.



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