Redopapers makes new design products from misprints and surpluses from printing companies.

RE-DO was established a year ago by Antwerp-based graphic designers Linde and Tille. RE-DO produces unique, handmade items out of waste printer paper and misprints. The printing process in print shops produces a huge amount of waste paper, both printed and blank.

Passionate about artisanal papercraft, typography and attractive, tactile design, RE-DO researches methods for turning waste paper into unique, hand-maded esign products such as to-do lists, weekly planners, diaries and other paper accessories. RE-DO expresses its perspective on recycling waste material and its love of paper, experimenting, design and allt hings artisanal in as many different ways as possible.

What’s more, RE-DO also offers young people in special-needs secondary education the opportunity to gain work experience. For example, the company has built a successful partnership with the non-profit Royal Antwerp Orthopedagogical Centre (KOCA) giving pupils the task of sorting and categorising waste paper. The company also runs workshops in which participants recycle their own waste paper, learning basic bookbinding and techniques they can try out at home using old paper.


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