Rotor DC

Rotor saves valuable building and interior elements from the breaker

The dismantling of equipment and recycling of the dismantled components in new projects, is the core business of Rotor Deconstruction. Untill now, a total of 200 tonnes of items and materials were salvaged, including false ceilings, floors, flamed-granite wall cladding, doors, light fixtures, furniture and a staircase made of tropical wood among other items.

Prior to demolition, an inventory of ‘significant’ materials is drawn up and circulates to potential buyers: only items which can be sold prior to the demolition date are salvaged.  Each choice requires careful consideration to avoid salvaging unsaleable items which would be costly to dismantle and store.

An example of the activities of Rotor is the dismantling of the interior of the former headquarters of Generale Bank, now BNP Paribas Fortis. The building dates from 1971 and boasted beautiful interiors featuring work by Jules Wabbes, amongothers. The salvaged ceiling was used for several purposes, it was for example incorporated into the new auditorium of the Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe municipal library. 

In contrast to recycling, reusing items/materials means retaining as much of their practical and cultural value as possible. Rotor Deconstruction embodies a sustainable economic model which allows other players to get involved and which can also create jobs.

Rotor Deconstruction

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