Smart and user-friendly central management system to monitor heating, air conditioning etc. in chain stores

Did your employee forget to switch off the lights? Does your heating system continue to exude heat on a warm and sunny day? Is your air conditioner continuing to cool your space just before closing time, even when there are hardly any customers left?

With the Shopcontroller, all that is definitely in the past. Domotic Lounge and the design firm Studio Dott met each other at the 5x5 project of Designregio Kortrijk. Together they developed this smart and user-friendly management system that enables retailers to monitor and adjust central technical facilities such as heating, lighting, air conditioning, security, access, etc. using a single integrated application.

The Shopcontroller uses external data such as the weather report and historical data from the establishment itself, and compares various establishments to each other. This allows for continuous adjustment and the detection and reporting of any malfunctions or abnormal usage. As a result, the retailer saves energy and maintenance costs. A number of large chain stores in Flanders are already using the Shopcontroller and have saved as much as 30 per cent in energy costs. Schools, social housing and the care sector have also expressed an interest. 

Domotic Lounge

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