The Crappy Planet

Clean bottoms thanks to bamboo

Toilet paper. It is a rather banal product, but with a great impact on the environment. Every day, up to 27,000 trees are cut down so that we can wipe our butts. The Crappy Planet wants to fight back against this massive deforestation by introducing bamboo toilet paper on the market.

We have been able to buy sustainable toilet paper in Belgium for some time, but the rolls are made of recycled paper and feel rough. As a result, the rolls are perceived as inferior and few consumers want to buy the more sustainable rolls. It is a sustainable product with a higher quality feel than rolls made of recycled paper.

The product itself fights massive deforestation, which seems hard to stop. The Crappy Planet is also giving its mission extra force by using 25% of its profits to plant trees.

The price of this bamboo toilet paper is a bit of a shock at first, but it lasts twice as long as an ordinary roll.

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