The Post-Couture Collective

The Post-Couture Collective offers an alternative to the current fashion system.

Clothing is increasingly being treated as a disposable product. Its production is aimed at increasing numbers and maximum reduction of the price. What does this way of producing mean for the future of the environment and the people who work in this industry?

Together with The Post-Couture Collective, designer Martijn van Strien offers an alternative to the current fashion system by developing a new method for the production of sustainable and affordable clothing. The Post-Couture Collective builds a worldwide network with Makerspaces that already have experience with digital patterns. Thanks to the innovative way of producing clothing 'on demand', tailored to the end user, they create a product with added value.

This added value ensures that production can no longer take place in low-wage countries, but that this must be done locally. The clothing is only made when someone actually wants to buy it. As a result, stores no longer need a stock of clothing, no unworn garments will end up with the garbage and the transport of clothing will be reduced.

The Post-Couture Collective

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