The accessible hydroelectric plant

TURBULENT designs and installs micro, mini and small hydroelectric plants that are compatible with their environment. Working in harmony with nature, they provide clean, reliable and affordable energy to even the most remote communities.


Not just any old turbine

This turns out to be the least harsh and easiest way to generate energy from a stream of water. Turbulent hydroelectric plants give a high return on rivers with a small difference in height. A single turbine or network of turbines generates as much energy as a large dam, but without the consequences of a dam itself.

With such a limited ecological impact and the option to connect up the sun, wind and cogeneration, this forms a sound basis for the provision of sustainable energy with a very stable capacity. It is also possible for companies to integrate the Turbulent system in their internal hydroelectric systems. Turbulent not only sells single turbines, but also aims to work with energy providers, energy distributors and installation companies to take the technology all the way to the consumer.


Fish soup

Turbulent's approach is different and cheaper than existing hydroelectric plants and dams, and this creates other benefits. The turbines are kind to animals and do not turn the river's fish population into fish soup. Lower maintenance costs and a longer useful life also help to keep the costs down. The installations are monitored from a distance, are quickly fitted and do not increase the risk of flooding.