Valorise Papier

Exchanging trees for tomatoes

Schut Papier is a Dutch paper manufacturer, which offers a wide variety of traditional paper types. After a development period of two years, Schut Paper launched ‘Valorise’, a whole new kind of paper, entirely made from agricultural residues…                        

This unique paper is the result of an intense cooperation between growers, knowledge centres and universities, who were looking for a way to improve the circular value of paper, using fibres from local agricultural residues such as tomato and pepper plants.

The best case scenario is that agricultural residue from – amongst others – tomato and pepper plants now has another useful application besides composting, as it can be used as raw material for the paper industry.

Based on Schut Paper’s unique recipe, the processing of these local agricultural fibres resulted in an entirely new kind of paper, having a high tactile and visual value. The paper is currently available in 125 or 250 gram sheets, measuring 65 x 92 cm, and can perfectly be used in all common printing processes, including offset and laser printing.

The paper is applicable to print books, annual reports, magazines, publicity printing and so on. Valorise paper is easy to handle and fold, which is why it’s also suitable for thick press-work. And just like ‘regular’ paper, Valorise paper can be recycled in a normal paper recycling process. 

In 2014, Schut Paper used Valorise paper containing fibres from tomato plants to print the ‘Connecting Industries’ coffee table book. The book’s content – which is about sustainability and innovation – was brought to life using Valorise paper.

Schut Papier