OVAM SIS Toolkit

Integrate sustainability in your innovationprocess

SIS stands for 'Sustainable Innovation System'. 

The purpose of design, and particularly ecodesign, is always value creation. The OVAM SIS Tookit is an instrument that provides guidance towards integrating sustainability principles in innovation and design processes, to create sustainable value. SIS stands for 'Sustainable Innovation System'.

OVAM SIS Toolkit includes a set of cards, three posters and two dice that you can use with your colleagues in a brainstorming session or design process.



Start today with the implementation of sustainability in your innovtion process en order your copy of the OVAM SIS Toolkit



A matrix visualizes new oportunities trough a broad view on sustainability  

The SIS matrix puts five forms of value creation - human-intellectual-financial-social-natural - against a strategic/functional perspective (ambition and needs) and a life cycle perspective (design-production-distribution&use-end of life).

This results in a matrix with 30 leading questions spanding the whole field of sustainable design.



The tool...

  • offers a creative support for people looking for innovative and sustainable solutions, in all apsects of entrepreneurship and design;
  • provides a clear, wide angle perspective on sustainability seen through the lens of a clearly structured and user-friendly conceptual model; 
  • helps to better integrate different aspects of sustainablilty in an early stage of the designprocess; 
  • helps you communicate with all the stakeholder; 
  • can contribute to any innovation or design process, wheter it concerns the development of products, services, product-service concepts, environments or architecture.