Living Furniture

Living furniture is made from living materials

Living Furniture is a table made of bamboo, in which living bamboo stems serve as legs.

The jury praises the innovative and commercial nature of the 'Living Furniture' thesis. The innovative thing about the table is that not only is the tabletop made of bamboo, the legs also consist of living bamboo stems. The strong material properties of bamboo are fully utilized in this design. It is at the same time a sustainable ecological project, the table consists entirely of natural material and thus creates an enormous connection with and respect for nature. It is at the same time a clear alternative to the large-scale use of slow-growing teak wood and a statement against illegal logging.

Floris Wubben

Jaar 2007

Opleiding Thomas More Voortgezette Opleiding MeubelOntwerp

Prijs 1ste prijs EINDWERK