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Ecodesign by OVAM is the Flemish expertise center for ecodesign.

We promote a thoughtful life cycle approach for designers. This way we create circular design together: beautiful for the eye, good for people and planet.

We work in close partnership with Flanders Circular.

OpenStructures wins Ecodesign by OVAM Gold Award 2022

Ecodesign in its purest form. That is what Thomas Lommé and Christiane Högner are striving for with OpenStructures: a collective system that should encourage designers to reuse parts. They are therefore the winners of the Henry van de Velde Ecodesign by OVAM Award 2022.

Pioneers of ecodesign

This year's Ecodesign by OVAM Award goes to OpenStructures. "As pioneers of ecodesign, Thomas Lommée and Christiane Högner with OpenStructures translate the complexity of ecodesign into a kind of collective system that offers infinite possibilities," judged the jury. This makes them one of the first designers to put the 'Open Structures' concept into practice. They developed one grid that they share as an open concept with everyone and with which companies can get to work. By sharing their knowledge with others they create ecological awareness. Moreover, the idea of modularity and dismantling again fits perfectly within the circular story.

Today, OpenStructures consists of a database of 1600 parts and 750 objects, designed by over 330 authors. This ever-growing physical and digital archive is - how could it be otherwise - carefully documented and photographed, resulting in a visual guide to circular open design