Ocean Wave is a water-based cleaning system that removes grease and other dirt from tools and other substrates

Organic degreasing without the use of solvents

Ocean Wave can clean pretty much any metal component and removes grease and cutting oil, light fats and other dirt from tools and other substrates. It is an organic, water-based cleaning system, based on microorganisms. The design of the synthetic basin creates a supply of oxygen to the microorganisms, causing dirt to be broken down organically.


The benefits of organic degreasing

By using a water-based, organic system there is no emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and no hazardous waste is created. Unlike solvents, the product bears no warning symbols and it is inflammable. Also, there is no risk to the health of employees. Even so, there is no compromise on the quality: powerful cleaning and a long service life are still both guaranteed.

SafeLine range by ACR

In launching GHS* the Lokeren-based supplier of industrial cleaning products, ACR, took a close look at its entire range. Some products were redeveloped to become the safest in the category. This led to the launch of the Ocean Wave as part of the SafeLine range.

Numerous applications

Ocean Wave is used across various sectors, including the automotive, food, metal industries, etc. Benteler, a company participating in the Environmental Charter run by VOKA in East Flanders, is already up and running with Ocean Wave for its organic degreasing.

*Thanks to GHS (Globally Harmonized System), there is now a uniform system for classifying dangerous (chemical) substances. It encourages the simple recognition of risk. This allows companies to take appropriate and important precautions and measures more rapidly in the case of an incident.


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