A bottle of detergent that you don't need to replace

Brauzz wants to clean up the cleaning industry with refillable spray bottles.

The cleaning products we buy in the shops consist mainly of water. That water has to be transported to distribution points by freight. An absurd idea when you consider that water flows directly from the tap at home. With Brauzz you add the water yourself. In this way you save about 50kg of CO2 per year.

Secondly, the bottles of traditional cleaning products are simply thrown away after use. Brauzz opts for refillable bottles. The packaging of the refills has also been thought through. The refills are not wrapped in plastic but in compostable bags.

Furthermore, traditional cleaning products contain many harmful chemicals. Brauzz uses 99% natural ingredients.

Finally, Brauzz is also a budget-friendly solution. A refill is of course cheaper than buying a whole bottle of cleaning product. Currently, Brauzz has three products on the market: an all-purpose cleaner, a bathroom cleaner and a glass cleaner.