Stylish thirst-quenchers

We do not need to tell the story of disposable bottles and single-use coffee cups. There are already many reusable drinking bottles on the market to tackle that problem. However, Kambukka deserves a special place in this list because its design is a bit smarter than most reusable bottles. If you haven't made the switch to reusable bottles yet, Kambukka might convince you.

The bottles are not just stylish, but also modular. You might want a bottle for your water on the go, one for drinking coffee or tea and another for exercising. Kambukka makes it unnecessary to buy several bottles. By simply replacing the screw cap you can, for example, turn your ordinary bottle into a bottle suitable for sports in no time at all.

The bottles are also very washable thanks to the Snapclean® technology. This lever mechanism in the cap is easy to unclick so that your dishwasher can also clean the hard-to-reach parts in the bottle.