Off-grid travel, even when the sun is not shining

Wind is a clean, renewable source of energy that until recently was inaccessible to many people. The big problem with wind turbines is their immobility, the size of the machine and therefore the space needed to install them.

KiteX now makes wind energy available to every individual thanks to an extremely compact and portable design. The device weighs only 10kg and is therefore ideal as a mobile energy source. If you want to survive off-grid, you usually think of portable solar panels. These have an efficiency of 25 W/kg. KiteX pulverises that efficiency and offers you no less than 60 W/kg.

Kitex makes off-grid travelling and living a lot easier and more attractive. The device can be set up by one person within 15 minutes and provides power from that moment on. It is of course also possible to connect a solid power bank to your KiteX to charge your laptop and even your e-bike when the wind has died down.

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