Cleaning up oil tankers

Classic tanker ships often sail with cheap, extremely polluting bunker oil. This makes cargo transport by water the form of transport that produces the highest level of sulphur dioxide emissions. Sailcargo recognises the seriousness of this problem and sees the future of maritime transport differently.

The people behind Sailcargo are building climate-neutral ships, thus showing that goods transport by water has a valuable future. The ships combine old craft with new technology. The wooden construction with sails is equipped with an electric engine, solar panels and wind turbines. In this way, these cargo ships are the perfect means to transport ethically and sustainably produced products in a climate-neutral way.

More and more consumers are attaching importance to how a product came into being and which companies are involved in the value chain. As a result, more manufacturers will also have to adapt their logistics operations. Sailcargo has the wind in its sails and the initiative seems scalable and powerful enough to call a halt to polluting tanker ships.

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