A drawer that is clicked into place and made to order

Plug and play in the furniture industry

TA'OR BOX is an ecological alternative to the solid wooden drawer. As a functional designer product, the customer has a tremendous choice when it comes to the drawer's height, width, depth and colour. The drawer, that is perfectly straight and has vertical walls, maximises the storage space available.




The basic material used in TA'OR BOX is High-Density Fibreboard, which has been specially developed and carries a PEFC certificate. The fact that HDF neither bends nor folds, means that each drawer is made of the smallest amount of material: a thin base of just 6.5 mm thick and sides measuring a mere 13 mm. TA'OR BOX is produced to order. Various orders are grouped in a logical fashion, in order to maximise saw efficiency and minimise leftover material. Furthermore, the costs of storage, processing and machines are kept down, as the supply chain at TA'OR BOX is as revolutionary as it is efficient. Orders are placed online, via the retailer. The production takes place at Van Hoecke and is feasible from as little as one unit. Products are then sent to the furniture maker within three working days, without the need for any intermediate storage.

Plug and play

Customers can order TA'OR BOX either per unit or in bulk. The drawer consists of individually-packed components and can be flat packed, making it economical to transport. The packaging consists entirely of corrugated cardboard.

Assembly is child's play: just remove the packaging and everything can be clicked together in a matter of 60 seconds. Accuracy guaranteed and no tools required.

An ecological breakthrough

This completely new system offers both economical and ecological advantages: a TA'OR BOX with real veneer wood uses up to 96% less wood than a solid wooden drawer. Also, thanks to the very dense fibreboard base, complete with its special top layer and finish, it even looks like it is made of solid wood. The individual packaging takes up very little volume in transport and is placed on environmentally-friendly cardboard euro pallets for safe transportation.

TA'OR BOX is a premium-quality product with a long lifespan. With the addition of high-quality runners, the drawer can remain effective throughout the life of the piece of furniture.

The fact that the drawer is entirely clicked into place means that it is easily dismantled for recycling and disposal. Covers and other metal components are simple to remove and recycle.

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