Cleaning with bacteria

Yokuu is not just another cleaning product. It contains good bacteria instead of chemicals. By using harmless, natural ingredients, Yokuu is a more ecological alternative. Those good bacteria, after you have visibly cleaned your room with Yokuu, actually continue the cleaning for several days by tackling invisible dirt.

But it goes further. The spray bottle is designed to be reusable so you don't have to throw your empty bottle in the rubbish every time. You don't have to buy 100% of the contents of the bottle again either. You only buy cleaning pearls. You add water to dissolve the beads. Because traditional cleaning products consist mainly of water, a lot of freight is actually unnecessary. Water just comes out of the tap at home. So why transport heavy water-filled bottles along motorways when you can just concentrate the active ingredient in a small cleaning pearl?

Yokuu pearls are thus more sustainable to transport and produce and, as the end user, your ecological choice is also cheaper and healthier for you than traditional cleaning products.