Yuma Labs

Sunglasses that look beyond traditional fashion

Yuma Labs' sunglasses are extremely popular. During a crowdfunding campaign, the company raised twice the amount it originally wanted within 48 hours.

The idea behind the product is simple: a circular model. The sunglasses are made of 100% recycled PET bottles. After years of use, a customer can easily return the glasses to Yuma Labs. The customer receives a compensation and the materials are reused to produce new glasses.

Admittedly, spectacles are not the most material-intensive product in the world. The amount of material that Yuma Labs can keep in its circular model is therefore also limited. But it is mainly about the statement that Yuma Labs and its customers can make with the glasses. It is a way of opening up the conversation about the circular economy and inspiring the world to accelerate the switch to the circular model. 

Yuma Labs

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