Ecover wins Ecodesign by OVAM Gold Award 2020


As the first producer of phosphate-free household products, Ecover has been a pioneer for 40 years. They still want to present themselves as pioneers with a contagious degree of innovation. They inspire by showing that it can be done. To this day, their sustainability story remains valid and they invest in new projects to guarantee an environmentally friendly approach. The foundation of their business is innovation in bio-based detergents, packaging and refill systems.

"We believe that the design of our products should have a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.”


The clean revolution

Based on their "clean" principles, Ecover launched several projects. Recently they launched a new dishwashing product, made of 25% waste products that are released in the production of alcohol-free beer. For this they worked together with beer producer Inbev. To produce alcohol-free beer, they extract alcohol from the beer. This is processed in Ecover's detergent 'Too good to waste'.

But the company goes one step further: they also encourage other organizations to look at waste differently and want to start a 'Clean World' revolution. In short, ecodesign is not only in the production at Ecover, but in the entire organizational DNA.

Ecover is also currently working on a detergent that repairs clothes. This innovation should make the customer aware that we wash too much. Wash less, wear longer" is the message here.

And last but not least, Ecover is specifically focusing on countering single use plastic, They want to raise consumer awareness and banish this type of plastic from our everyday environment. To this end, they offer refill stations where consumers can refill their empty bottle.

The cornerstone of Ecover is innovation, their entire core business is inspired by this and the search for innovative solutions never stops. They are not called the catalyst of innovation for nothing. A fine example of innovative vigor with a view to a better future, Ecover can call itself a well-deserved winner.