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The Henry van de Velde Awards honor both national and international Flemish designers, companies, products, projects and services that have a positive impact on the economy and society on the basis of design and solutions.

The Henry van de Velde Awards are widely supported thanks to the shared vision of a professional jury with important expertise in the sector. With the official award ceremony, exhibition and publication, the Henry van de Velde Awards form a platform for Flemish design.


When the OVAM partnered up with the Henry van de Velde Awards, now more than 10 years ago, it was absolutely necessary to have ecodesign as an separate category within the awards, to give it the attention it needed. Nowadays, ecodesign has become mainstream, it has become a logical part of good design practice. In all submissions, ecodesign will be a criterium as part of the good design practice.

To keep inspiring, excellent ecodesign practices by designers or companies, will be, from 2020 onwards, rewarded with a Henry van de Velde Ecodesign by OVAM Award, given by the jury.




As the first producer of phosphate-free household products, Ecover has been a pioneer for 40 years. They want to present themselves as pioneers with an infectious degree of innovation. They inspire and show that it is possible. To this day, their sustainability story remains valid and they invest in new projects to guarantee an environmentally friendly approach. The foundation of their company is innovation in the field of bio-based detergents, packaging and refilling systems.

'We believe that the design of our products must have a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.'

The clean revolution

Ecover launched several projects based on their 'clean' principles. For example, recently a new dishwashing product was launched, made from 25% waste released during the production of non-alcoholic beer. They worked together with beer producer Inbev. To produce non-alcoholic beer, alcohol is extracted from the beer. This alcohol is processed in Ecover's 'Too good to waste' dishwashing detergent.

But the company goes even a step further: they also encourage other organizations to look at waste differently and want to start a 'Clean World' revolution. In short, ecodesign is not only in production at Ecover, but in the entire organizational DNA.

Ecover is currently working on a detergent that will restore clothes. This innovation must make the client aware that we wash too much. "Wash less, wear longer" is the message here.

And last but not least, Ecover specifically focuses on combating single-use plastic. They want to make consumers more aware and ban this type of plastic from our everyday environment. They offer refilling stations where you as a consumer can refill your empty bottle.

The cornerstone of Ecover is innovation, their entire core business is inspired by this and the search for innovative solutions never stands still. They deserve the name of 'the catalyst of innovation'. A good example of innovative decisiveness with a view to a better future, Ecover can call itself a well-deserved winner.




In addition to the Ecodesign by OVAM, there are three other Gold Awards.


Erik Sijmons from Samsonite, the well known luggage producer, wins the Lifetime Achievement Award. With, among other things, the revolutionary Curv® technology, they made one of the lightest suitcases. This is an advanced shock-resistant, recyclable composite material. Not unimportant when the suitcase has to be airborne when traveling.


Young talent goes to the duo of Studio Plastique. With projects such as Common Sands and Out of the Woods, they want to provide ecologically responsible alternatives from forgotten raw materials and waste to the industry in these harsh climatic times.


Niko, the Belgian market leader of electrical installation material and home automation, can call itself the winner of the Company Gold Award. They, too, attach great importance to the environment, not only in their business operations, but also in their products and production.


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