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The Henry van de Velde Awards honor both national and international Flemish designers, companies, products, projects and services that have a positive impact on the economy and society on the basis of design and solutions.

The Henry van de Velde Awards are widely supported thanks to the shared vision of a professional jury with important expertise in the sector. With the official award ceremony, exhibition and publication, the Henry van de Velde Awards form a platform for Flemish design.


When the OVAM partnered up with the Henry van de Velde Awards, now more than 10 years ago, it was absolutely necessary to have ecodesign as an separate category within the awards, to give it the attention it needed. Nowadays, ecodesign has become mainstream, it has become a logical part of good design practice. In all submissions, ecodesign will be a criterium as part of the good design practice.

To keep inspiring, excellent ecodesign practices by designers or companies, will be, from 2020 onwards, rewarded with a Henry van de Velde Ecodesign by OVAM Award, given by the jury.

Circular building system Facadeclick wins Ecodesign by OVAM Gold Award 2021

The innovative building system Facadeclick is a great example of ecodesign and circular building. All the materials used for building with this system can be reused. With Facadeclick you finish a wall three time faster than with the traditional method. No mortar or glue is used and no craftsman is even needed.

Father and son Vandenbempt are the inventor of Facadeclick. They noticed walls without joints gainin in popularity. Theu developed a system whereby you click bricks together like lego and patented it. Facadeclick benefits speed, allows for construction in all weather conditions,uses less water (by avoiding mortar) and helps reduce waste.

"We keep a close eye on whether every step we take within our company fits within the circular economy mindset and we choose our partners with that in mind as well."

Patrick Vandenbempt


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