Facadeclick wins Ecodesign by OVAM Gold Award 2021

The innovative building system Facadeclick is a great example of ecodesign and circular building. All the materials used for building with this system can be reused. With Facadeclick you finish a wall three time faster than with the traditional method. No mortar or glue is used and no craftsman is even needed.

Father and son Vandenbempt are the inventors of Facadeclick. They noticed walls without joints gainin in popularity. Theu developed a system whereby you click bricks together like lego and patented it. Facadeclick benefits speed, allows for construction in all weather conditions, uses less water (by avoiding mortar) and helps reduce waste.

"We keep a close eye on whether every step we take within our company fits within the circular economy mindset and we choose our partners with that in mind as well."

So how exactly does it work? 

With the Nelissen brick factory, they developed a hollow brick with inserts made of plastic. These allow you to click the brick onto the underlying bricks. Thanks to the innovative connectors, Facadeclick allows for dry construction without glue or mortar. As a result, much less water is needed, CO2 emissions are greatly reduced and it is possible to build in all weather conditions.  

Didak Injection, the producer of the inserts, uses recycled plastic, which is easy to recycle again afterwards.  

Studies show that this facade is twice as strong as a traditional wall. Moreover, all the material can be easily dismantled at the end. This is important in order to make the transition to circular building. After all, the construction industry is responsible for forty percent of all the waste in the world. That is why innovations like this are so important.  

Sustainable and economical

The price tag is still the most decisive factor for customers. When building a wall, two-thirds of the costs are for labor and only one-third for materials. While the purchase price of bricks is slightly higher with Facadeclick, this system allows for up to three times faster construction and no post-processing is required. Moreover, anyone can use it, so in principle you don't need any professionals at all. So when you look at the big picture, Facadeclick is cheaper than traditional construction methods.  

Building materials as a service

Facadeclick is currently developing a brick made from recycled construction waste. They dream of a future without waste, where building materials are stored in a gigantic library. Building materials would no longer be a product, but a service. As a result, we would have to produce far fewer new bricks and take another step towards circular construction.